Monday, May 30, 2016

Duck Feet

This all started a little while ago when a facebook friend posted a pic of the cutest duck feet booties and wished for an adult version, being a bit intrigued I wondered how I could do it and following links discovered the hard work had already been done by Jenny Staiman and her felted pattern was a free download on Etsy, how awesome.
Deciding to have a go I thought this knit along was not a facebook thing, everything there is too ephemeral so popping over here to my sadly neglected blog.

Last Friday I began the project as follows.

Step One - gathering supplies.

One reason I even thought of this as a possibility was having some yellow feltable wool in my stash.

Then I downloaded and printed out the 12 pages of pattern.

Found the correct size circular needles, I love that patterns from American are happy to tell us we need US#8/5mm but no one sensible is going to convert length, which is why downunder knitters and quilters etc have to be bi-lingual in Imperial and Metric and hang on like grim death to measuring devices in both genres-or whatever it is called.

Collected the other bits and pieces.

Had a quick glance at the pattern and had to find tutorials for Judy's Magic Cast On and Turkish Cast On, both of which send me into palpitations, do not use them enough to maintain any sort of competence.

When that was all done I went off to read some more of James S. A. Corey's 'Cibola Burn', cause being in a whole 'nother galaxy seemed the thing to do next.


Saturday was the day winter really kicked in so perfect day to knit, unpick, knit unpick, casting on 4 stitches with magic cast on then adding to sides with Turkish cast on sounds simple, I had several fumbly fingers so I gave it away and played 'puter games.


Started early an full of determination and it all started to flow again, this is where I am up to and will be doing some more today-I hope.

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