Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Hi there Ampersand Duck, I can out you now you have posted a comment.
It is not surprising that with a blog name like that one would be drawn to any duck-like objects.
Last night I got to this point.

This morning binge watched a second series disc of Earth Final Conflict and knitted to this point.

An object lesson in taking colour photo's, the top one is more true to life.

A little blog about blogs.

Started this one way back before first visit to the USA.
I kept a daily diary then and posted EVERYTHING, then on my second visit I posted the highlights, and lots of food. Last year I was there again and nothing, nada. Not because it wasn't great but facebook took over and it all disappears so quickly on that site.

Now, if you have come across here not knowing me at all, I must say I have three awesome daughters, one of whom lives in Arizona, so that is why I go visiting so often.
More soon.

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