Thursday, August 25, 2016

I sidle into the room to be greeted by three cranky ghost-like figures glaring at me, 'oh you must be waiting to hear the end of the duck feet story, I am soo sorry, well I finished them, posted them and received a fabulous unexpected gift in return. All done now, moving on'.

Then I came to America, to Flagstaff, to hang out and play many, many board games.  Favourite so far is Shadows of Brimstone, my character is a feisty saloon gal, Miss Ruby, who loves doing damage to the  creatures that lurk and ambush and there are many expansions of the game so could keep us going for a long time.

Also have been trying out new little point and shoot camera, my first picture was of this acorn woodpecker on the power pole out back of the house then the communications array on top of Mt Eldon, also from the back balcony, I am impressed with the zoom.

Then there is the foster puppy, she came here all fur and bones and is  fat and happy hoarder now, sadly we only have her for two more days and hopefully she will find a great home.

Nearly forgot the wool day of dead cowl kit I ordered, promised to show Rubysquee, I am nearly half way, apparently watching Netflix and knitting is a 'thing' according to a facebook post so I am right
 up there.

 All for now.


  1. Careful; "Netflix and knitting" is probably a euphemism for something...