Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another wet, cold day so a felting we will go.

My methods lol-

you have to use jeans or something heavy to agitate, I use these great cotton mats, they are heavy, do not shed or loose colour and they are great agitators.

My machine if fairly old and well used, but if it ever stops working it will have to be replaced with a very basic model, no fancy smancy for me, I need total control, if I can't control the world I will make do with a washing machine, I am easily bought as flopearedmule has mentioned.

Some say to run items through a couple of hot/cold cycles, I don't like to use that much water, (even if  a lot of it is in puddles outside), so I continually take things out of the hot water and throw into cold water, then back into machine, if water starts to cool I boil the electric jug and add that, as was the case this morning,

oh felting starting to show

Realised did not want to cut up shower curtain so traced onto plastic, by the looks of this we are close.

ok, must confess here I tried one on my foot, (9.5wide), a couple of times to really check size and decided the work was finally done,

Soaked them in this Felting Finish and Wool Wash that Rubysquee gave me for Christmas, haven't used this before but it is supposed to do all good things to our slippers. It smells nice.

They will takes ages to dry this weather so don't expect to put the cuffs on until the weekend but I am very happy with progress so far.

A good mornings work :-)

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